The Feels.

They say that absences makes the heart grow fonder.  I prefer La Rouchefauld's version better:  absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones, like the wind blows out the candle but blows up the bonfire.  I mean, roughly.  French and all.

But I guess abscesses do, too!

 I was taken aback by the intense pleasure I felt when I hopped on Ox last night for the first time in a month.  His abscess blew at the coronet band and he had his shoes replaced.  He's not 100%, so the work is light, but he's a million times better than he was.  But my surprise was that I thought I liked this horse.  And now I realize that I adore this horse and that bond of trust that I wanted so badly has already started developing.


Trying to capture his post-alfalfa cubed muzzle.

Ox will whinny to me in the pasture.  Having treats consistently helps, but it still tweaks my heart.  There are no issues haltering him, leading him, or, with a month off, asking him to mosey on under saddle.  While communication with Archie will always be infinitely better than any other horse, I feel almost like Ox and I are getting there.  We're at least speaking the same language now.

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  1. I'm so glad you have Ox in your life!

  2. I'm so happy that you get to have him in your life! Sounds like a great partnership in the making.

  3. So awesome. Glad he's recovering from the abcess!

  4. He is such a cutie-I can see why you've grown fond of him.

    I pray he continues to heal so you can have more adventures together!

  5. Feels. Glad he's getting back into business! :)

  6. Awh so awesome! I bribe all the horses I like with treats. Hey anyone could bribe me with food too and I'd like them

  7. Glad he's feeling better! I don't care if it's the treats but when Henry whinnies and gallops over to me it makes my heart happy.

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