Oh Em Gee, Tennessee

Holy shit, the mountains in fall are gorgeous.  I think they're only going to get prettier as the leaves continue to change.

Hubs and I have been celebrating the year of music.  Earlier this year, we saw Coldplay and then Dave Matthews Band.  This past weekend Two weeks ago, we drove up to Tennessee and saw Adele.  We were one of the lucky ones.

That Thursday night after work, we drove up to Athens.  I'd checked our favorite restaurant to see what time they closed (2 am), but when we got there, a fine-print sign on the door said that the kitchen closed at 11 pm.  We were about ten minutes late.  We headed to a calzone place (wut?) and got calzones to eat in the hotel room with the last bits of my birthday cake.

We got up early the next morning and went back to Mama's Boy for breakfast.  Following that, we drove almost three hours to the Cherokee National Forest and played in the Ocoee River.

Lunch was Mexican (surprise!) after which we continued the drive to Nashville.  We checked in our fancy little hotel and napped for a couple hours before heading to the Pharmacy Burger.  Yum.  Yum.  Yum.

Veggie burger - delish.
We headed back to the hotel and slept in a little bit the next morning.  We stopped at some fancy and expensive breakfast place (First Watch) before heading to Hillary's recommended tack store.  I got a bot fly knife, some Swat, some Cocosoya oil, a massage brush (which Ox loves), and a pair of Back on Track Quick Wraps for Archie.

I wish I showed enough to warrant something like this.
After the tack store, we hung around Franklin for a little bit.  We hit up a wine store and had the owner select a Tennessee wine for us before perusing the local grocery store for local craft beer.  After that, it was time for lunch!  Mexican.  Surprise!  (This is also when we got the call about scheduling a home visit for Birgette and actually named her, sight unseen.)

We got a Lyft from our hotel to our next venue, the Tennessee Beer and Wine Festival.  It was $35 and a bajillion samples and a little sampler glass.  Also, food and good music.

Pretzel necklaces.

That much alcohol required a nap after we Lyfted back to the hotel and before Hillary picked us up for dinner.  Hillary took us to a Nashville staple that had one of the best pasta dishes I've ever had - the plate of which I could have licked clean.  After dinner, she dropped us off downtown so we could get to the amphitheater at which Adele was singing.

Adele started a few minutes after eight and everything you've ever heard about her is true.  Her voice live is as good as her voice recorded.  She chats nonstop.  She calls people up from the audience.  She is sarcastic and charming and I would love to spend a day listening to her talk.  I have incredible respect for the woman.

By the end of the show, I had a pounding headache and we wandered briefly down the main strip before getting a ride back to the hotel.

Local spot from home!
We got up a little later than planned the next morning before meeting Hillary and heading to her barn.  I got to meet Luna and see her boys again before grooming Annie.  Hillary hopped on Annie to check for wiggles before I mounted and made Annie realize how good she's got it.  Hillary really does not give herself enough credit, but she makes riding that mare look easy.  She's green, she's curious, she's particular and sensitive.  Hillary makes it look like a piece of cake but I had to have constant reinforcement of what I was doing, lest I run us into a fence (which she would have likely jumped and I would have likely fallen) or motorbike to the ground.

Annie was cooled off and turned out and then we snuck into the baby's pasture for some impromptu photos.  She's absolutely adorable!

I love this for both of their expressions:  oh dear god.
We took our stinky selves to Hillary's favorite Japanese place for lunch before D and I hit the road back to Savannah.  Lunch was phenomenal, but by the time we hit Atlanta we were ravenous and stopped at Takorea.  It wasn't nearly as good as we remembered, but it kept us going for the rest of the way home.

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  1. This makes me miss my home state so much!! I'm glad you had fun. Did you go to Judy's Tack Shop?

  2. Ah, I love Nashville! What a great little adventure!

  3. What a fab way to spend time with awesome peeps, ponies and chowing down on some seriously super sounding tasty times

    PS I am 100% jealous of you guys seeing Adele, love her voice so much!!!

  4. You guys have the most fun looking trips!

  5. You all take the best trips. And the Appalachians in autumn are basically the best.

  6. I LOVE your trips. I'm so excited to follow in your footsteps in the future! You should totally write a book. I'd buy it (because I def need to know where to get mexican food anywhere I am)

  7. I live in Tennessee and it is the prettiest, although I hate its guts for being 85 degrees in November.

  8. I'm so glad you guys came to see me (and Adele...) you did a great job on Annie!