I'm in the process of buying Christmas gifts, which is astounding because I'm never this fucking on top of things, but it also has me just generally thinking about stuff for Archie and Ox.

For Archie, I'm really thinking about a Perri's padded leather halter, in black and turquoise with nickel hardware.  I want this to be his last halter (which is horrifying to think about), so I want to spend the money and get something that's going to stand up to the outdoors and regular use for the next decade (fingers crossed).  I'm interested in your opinions and recommendations on this!

Jeffer's Pet

And even though I just bought Granpa a fancy European bridle a year ago, I'm thinking he needs some bitless, I'm-fucking-retired-forget-contact options in his life.  So I've been looking at these things:
Inexpensive sidepull.

Zilco flower hackamore.

I don't know, I just like it.
Since Ox is only half my horse, and already using my rope halter, I'm thinking about a saddle pad for the big guy.  Maybe embroidered Canadian Trekhner, since that's his "breed"?  In a completely different direction, I also thought about getting his DNA tested to see what the actual fuck he is, other than beefy and hairy.  I think that second option benefits all the people in his life the most.

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  1. I have been really please with my Tack Shack of Ocala halter. It primarily lives in a bridle bag, but it's really nice for the price. For my sit outside in any weather and use every day halter, I have one that I found for $20 on Facebook. It's made by Beilers and is really pretty nice for how inexpensive they are (even regular price is $30ish to $50ish).

    I did a DNA test on my TB gelding that I owned a few years back, since his papers got lost and he wasn't tattooed. I found it to be useful. I'm considering doing a DNA test for coat color on my current horse since he's just a weird color. I don't believe he is technically black.


  3. I love that halter and want it for myself so I think you should totally get it. I will say I like S hackamores a lot more than the flower hackamore.

  4. For some reason I fully expected this to be a list about presents for people instead of horses.... what was I thinking :)

  5. Wait,what? Christmas is coming? Crap.

    I do like the look of the halter.

  6. I want a hackamore, too! I really want an orbit but idk if I ride enough to spend the money on one...

  7. That Perri's padded halter is drool-worthy! I like the idea of a saddle pad for Mr. OX. Although I would just have a tiny red ox embroidered on it, because I'm obvious like that.