Eyes on the Ground

Since I've started leasing Ox, I've gotten increasingly appreciative of his owner and her knowledge.  We vary on a few things, but she's overwhelmingly consistent in the "making Beka a better rider" department.

On Saturday, we were at the barn at the same time, tacking up.  It was unplanned, but it's always nice to have someone else around.  She worked outside the ring, and I kept Archie in the litter box.

And Archie wasn't being bad.  He wasn't scaring me, I wasn't frightened from my recent fall, there was no real trigger.  But I asked trail buddy/Ox's owner if she wanted to ride him.  Which, I mean, if you've known me any length of time, you know is a BFD.

She had his number almost immediately.  He evaded from the bit by inverting, he told her to go fly a kite (I like to think that he only tells me to fuck myself), and he gave his little spastic crowhopping canter departs of dissent.  That's my boy.

These have accompanying farts.
But it was absolutely invaluable to see him being ridden by someone else, someone who has no hang-ups, won't take any of his shit, and isn't going to coddle him like I do.  It reminded me that my nearly-twenty and crippled horse is still an active old man and is fully capable of performing up to his previous flat work standards.  I don't need to be afraid of him breaking.  In fact, I need to keep him at a decent level of work so that we keep those joints and muscles strong.

There was a point where I said to myself, "I need to ask as much of Ox as I do of Archie." And then that transitioned to me doing more intense work with Ox and Archie just toddling around with his back hollow and now it's.. I need to ride Archie like I ride Ox.

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  1. I love having someone ride my horses every once in while so I can watch from the ground. Exposes the holes. Out of curiosity, are you still using that leather bit with him?

    1. Yup! Having no issues, even galloping or when he throws his tantrums.