Life Plans.

While I was warming up Archie last night, in the cold, dark, drizzle, I had some time to think about stuff.  Because focusing on random shit was a better option than focusing on the things that went bump in the night.

I downplayed my fall off Archie a little, I think, on the blog.  I was left sore and mildly concussed and mildly miserable.  I'm dying to show y'all photos of my ass.  A non-equestrian friend, because an equestrian wouldn't ask this, asked me how many concussions it would take before I stopped riding.

I've thought about it and, while it's not like I'm out galloping solid fences, I think the type of riding I do could be scaled back.  I think if it became a question of my physical health, I could convert to a slower pace, a bigger saddle, and a smaller horse.

This is Toni and she's closer to the ground and I've been eye-balling her since I fell and she's only $1,600 and she's in Ohio and why the fuck did I ask for anything else for Christmas?
Then I start thinking - when I'm older and the probability of me staying in the saddle diminishes at the same rate as my muscle tone, why give up?  You know what, I want to fucking drive minis.  I want a pair of either mini donkeys or mini mules or mini assholes to be my team and I want to take those little muffins trotting down dirt roads.

Just in time for Xmas.
And if arthritis strikes my hands and the grandkids won't come around any more to help me hitch the horses, I'll be a retirement farm for old assholes.  And when that becomes too much, by god, I'll be that crazy old lady who makes traffic halt to a crawl so she can stare at the horses grazing in roadside pastures.

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  1. What would it take for you to get a team of mini-donkeys right now? Because I'm very into this idea.

    1. A sponsor. Find me a sponsor and I'll competitively drive those mini-donks. You can be one of those people who hold on in the back to keep us from tipping over.

  2. I had an 80+ year old pony club instructor who rode some bizarre and high strung FriesianXmustangXTBxSatan cross. He took off on her all the time and was completely wild. But she had a blast and said he kept her young. I would prefer the driving mini route myself haha

  3. Driving minis is totally my plan for when my body doesn't agree with riding anymore!

  4. Dude, I'm telling you, bobby is getting retired with you when he's done being heavy competition sound. You can drive him and trail ride him all the live long day.

  5. There was a photo of a 90year old woman showing a horse undersaddle, I want to be her.

  6. I've also seriously considered the driving minis route for when I can't ride anymore. I think I'd do the VSE division of CDEs though. Grandma living on the edge right here ;)

  7. I can completely relate to this sentiment. After sustaining 3 concussions from falling off of horses in about as many years, I have decided while I love jumping and may pick it up again someday, I'm much happier just plodding around at a slower pace.

  8. Yes. We can just be crazy old bats together. I actually learned to drive a cart when I was younger.

  9. Pat Oliva was inducted into the American Endurance Riding Convention's Hall of Fame in 2015. She is 72 years old. She is still competing in 50+ mile endurance rides. I want to be her when I'm her age.

    One of MD's Trail Riders of Today's leaders is in her 80s. She is an avid trail rider. She rides an Icelandic that tolts faster than most horses can canter. I want to be her when I'm 80.

    You are what you think you'll be. :) If you still want to be riding in your old age, envision it and it shall happen.