Splurging on Myselfie.

I've taken advantage of some recent sales and advertisements and accrued a bunch of potentially unnecessary shit.

iPhone 7
I've been a die-hard Apple user for years now and my 6 has been the biggest piece of crap ever.  I thought it was a software error so I restored to factory settings, had a corrupted backup file, paid to have the corruption fixed, but nada.  It might be a hardware or a firmware issue, but I've given up on it.  The problem it has is that it'll go from a perfect 100% rapidly down to 30%, hang out there for a while, drop to either 9 or 1%, depending on how it feels that day, and then crash.  Or it'll die somewhere around 39%, I'll plug it in, and it'll reboot somewhere around 60%.  So. Fucking. Done.

Water resistant means I finally get a pretty case.
Custom Saddle Pad*
Smartpak had a recently promo on their embroidery.  I've never had anything embroidered by them (that I can remember), but the first pad D gave me for our first Christmas was a turquoise PRI pad with my monogram.  So, this Christmas, I got myself a turquoise dressage pad with Bold Archer, OTTB, and a crown.  Because that fucker is the king.

More Ink
I'm so far behind on catching y'all up that I'll never get there.  But I had some pieces added or added to recently.
The start of D's sleeve.
Dressage Whip
I bought this bad boy at Tractor Supply for a whopping ten dollars.  Slapping a monogram on him and he'll be good to go.  We had a running joke at the barn that my old dressage whip was the "limp dick whip", because it broke.  Anyways, it no longer functioned.  Hah.

Custom Riding Tights
About a month ago, I saw someone on English Riding Apparel asking if people would be interested in riding tights in pretty fabrics.  Of course, I bought two.  I've reached out to the seller about maybe changing her pattern before I order more, because wearing these for the first time (hour long trail ride, half hour jump school), left me chafed where the sun don't shine.

You can tell, right?

It's important to look awkward af when asking someone to photograph your ass.

Roma Headlamp
You know what sucks?  Using your shitty iPhone 6 as a flashlight to walk across two pastures to try to retrieve a pony and not being sure how long said phone was going to survive the ordeal.  So I bought a freaking headlamp.  Thanks, Riding Warehouse, for the sale!
What the ponies think when they see me coming.
More Breeches
A couple of those breeches that I bought used and dyed have died.  I still fully intend on replenishing my stock of DIY awesome, but I took advantage of these being on double-sale.

Riding Tights*
It seems like Kerrits has a cult following - either you drink the Koolaid or you don't.  I've never tried them, but I took advantage of Riding Warehouse's sale (again, like, seriously three separate orders) and bought three pairs.  The cheapies I bought seem to be for summer riding, but, hello, Georgia.

C4 Belt*
Totally drank the Koolaid on this one.  I've been lusting after one of these since for ever but I'm very pattern-oriented.  Yet another Riding Warehouse impulse-buy.

Cheaper Helmet*
When falling becomes a habit and you don't want to have to keep borrowing a helmet.  I'll be completely honest, picked for price point and that it's matte.  I kinda sorta think that the helmet I've been borrowing is an Ovation, too.

I've bought a couple other things but I can't really share them yet.  Because I bought multiples!

*Come on, UPS.  I'm still waiting on this shit.

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  1. Damn girl, I'm jealous. Be my sugar momma.

  2. C4 had a 50% off one-hour sale on Black Friday and I totally succumbed. NEED MOAR C4!

  3. I feel like those breeches and D's sleeve need to have a fashion face off. Fucking epic.

  4. Omg those galaxy breeches are incredible.

  5. PLEASE update us on the ink. I'm so curious. You've got such amazing pieces already.

  6. Ooooooo I'm loving the hot pink full seats. Pity about the chafing.

  7. I consistently surprised you still have blank skin to get more ink on!

  8. My iPhone does the same. I want to break it.

  9. I <3 Kerrits! And the patterned breeches are super snazzy!

  10. Haha I'm one of the people who hate Kerrits. Bought some of their stuff and absolutely none of it is good. Especially the tights :( But I hope they work for you!

  11. I LOVE Kerrits! I used to be diehard Irideon until I started competing in endurance. I have SLEPT in Kerrits tights...they're that comfortable. Their Flow rise is perfect for women with a real badonka-donk. And I bought those obnoxious blue & black ones that RW had on sale! :D

    Also: headlamps FTW. I don't know how I lived without one prior!

  12. Now I want more things.