The Paper Woodland

I was imbibing too much one night in November, trying to figure out wtf to get Hillary for Christmas.  The woman gets herself her favorite things and has impeccable taste.  So I started perusing Etsy (it's a normal pastime in the Burke household) and stumbled across the Paper Woodland.

Maybe it was the Thelwell-style pony carrying a banner or that the whimsical nature of her art complimented whatever it was I was drinking, but I was immediately smitten and ordered a portrait of Annie.

I gave my hubs a list of options for Christmas gifts and my own portrait was on that list, but didn't make the cut.  So when Big G's mom gave me a gift card to Etsy, I ordered watercolors of both Archie and Ox.  I absolutely loved the art and immediately purchased the digital copies.  I foresee some fucking memorabilia in my future.

I specifically requested that they be facing different directions and cantering.  I love how Archie is in suspension, as befitting his Thoroughbred nature, and Ox is power-housing into the canter.  Also, Archie just wishes his butt was that big.

She also included stickers (maybe she gives freebies of her beta-tests, too?), which I've hung up at work and can't bare to permanently part with.

Turn around time is reasonable for custom art (two-ish weeks) and she sends digital proofs before the hard-copies.  She is also on top of her packaging game and offers free gift wrapping (at least, she did at Christmas).

I was able to request that Archie get his little star added before the final was sent.  The only issue I would say is that price seems to fluctuate, maybe seasonally.  The portrait I ordered of Annie went up in price closer to Christmas.  I haven't been watching long enough, but I plan on ordering more portraits of other horses throughout the year.

Before, minus the star.

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  1. These are adorable! The pony in her banner is almost 100% Fritz from "Fritz and the Beautiful Horses" which is my favorite book from childhood.

  2. omg these are the most adorable drawings ever!!

  3. Alright, those are too ridiculously cute.

  4. So sweet. Love that she does it herself. Thanks for sharing!