Thumping Aiken.

When I found out that Britt was going to be in Aiken, I asked my hubs if he would be interested in a little road trip.  Aiken is about forty-five minutes northeast of the town we grew up in, so it holds some memories for me.  I also hadn't been since I took Archie XC schooling a million years ago.

Hubs was game because a) he likes road trips and b) they have a vintage music store.  Also, every single blogger that I've introduced him to has been awesome, and I knew Britt wouldn't be any different.

The plan was to get there in time to see Britt try out a couple horses and shoot some media for her and then go to lunch.  As she mentioned in her post, her pony-trying flew by and we made it there in time to see her sitting on a giant imported baby ISH.  We didn't get to spend nearly enough time hanging out before she was on her way to try more ponies, as we had planned to coincide the trip to Aiken with a trip to Augusta.  But first a tack store.

The store we went to is call Tack Exchange and they were running a sale on all their items as well as having some vendors set up with tables outside.  D and I only went inside because *gasp* there's nothing that I really need for either of the boys.

There were tons of driving harnesses, which I guess I never realized was a thing in Aiken.  I should have.

D picked up a random object and told me that I needed it, actually needed it.  It turned out to be an ancient massager.  A quick google search told me that the price was more than fair and I walked out of that little store with the Thumper.

Sniffing the Thumper.

Why'd you stop?
I tried it out on Archie on Sunday after our eight-and-a-half mile trail ride.  And I think the results were pretty damn amazing.

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  1. I would love to visit Aiken (and meet up with you)!!
    The thumper looks like an awesome find! Ellie definitely needs one.

  2. Whatttt- that Thumper thing is awesome!!
    Huge thanks for videoing, and I loved our quick lunch and getting to meet you and your husband!!! <3

  3. I feel like I could use one of those, and yay you met Britt she is awesome.