Tattoo Tuesday

Brought to you by the grungy bathroom mirror and Pixelmator for iOS.

I started feeling badly that I didn't have any representation for my dogs and cats on my body, given that they are a much more crucial part of my life than, say, spiders.  Turtles.  Geometric shapes.

So I scheduled an appointment, discussed my ideas with my artist, and tackled all the kids individually with a stamp pad.  I only got scratched once.

Crazy pink and purple for my battshit crazy Scarlette.
Brown and orange for my tortie, Lili Leau.

In the center of my elbow, blue for Savannah.
Also filler and some more on the skull.

Archie, which I don't think I've share.  And "Tu me manques", as a tribute to my baby.

Hidden cream and sky blue paw for Little Shit, my husband's Siamese.

Close up of Savannah's.

Birgette's paw in gray and yellow (once the blood clears), right below the rose.
Also, the remaining blank canvas before my sleeve is 100% finished.

More skull and the geometric pattern, which everyone tells me looks like Q-bert's (?) world.  Once his world was explained, I felt very sad for a fictional character. 

Finally, Lizzie's paw above the outside of my wrist, in pink and green for her little tongue and green eyes.

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