The Drunken Moose.

I'm probably jinxing the fuck out of myself, but I feel like things with Whiskey are finally advancing.  The giant nugget will pick up all four feet like a grown up, only dances occasionally in the aisle, no longer acts like the girth is out to kill him, and *gasp* stands at the mounting block!!!

He's been so good about standing still for mounting (but still immediately walks off, which is the next issue to address), that I actually mounted yesterday for the first time completely unsupervised.  I mean, Archie was watching.  And I'm sure someone would have found me eventually...

But to counter all his advances, he's got a few new afflictions:

  • Anhydrosis.  Yay!  Two for two!  FML!
    • I brought him out of the pasture and he was bright-eyed and happy, but blowing like a steam engine.  I started him on beer immediately and ordered his own OneAC.  Thanks for the swiftness, Amazon Prime.
    • Obviously, I haven't done much with the booger since it's still hot as balls when I get there after work.  I'll hose him down, address his other issues, and save riding for those times I manage early mornings.
  • Rain rot on his left rump.  Just the left side.  I appreciate the rain because it kept him cool, but nothing without cost, right?
  • A sunburnt muzzle.  This shit came out of nowhere.  My vet didn't think he'd have problems with sunburning because the pigment under his skin is so dark, but the dude was definitely burnt.  I'm making him wear his fly mask (Houdini) and sunblock.
But for all that, he was still such a good boy for mounting and wandering around the pasture.  Straightness doesn't occur overnight, right?

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  1. FWIW, the "sticker" patch thing worked somewhat on Roman and they have a money back guarantee. So it can't hurt.

  2. Glad he's behaving! Sunburnt noses stink. For Luna I've been doing desitin because I can't keep a fly mask on her 🙄

  3. He is so handsome. I have to use a long-nose fly mask on Hot Rod or his nose burns to a crisp.