A Breather.

Thursday morning, the hubs and I loaded the dogs in his car and headed off.  The first stop was to drop the big girls off at boarding - their first time without their neurotic leader - and the second stop, after two hours of cuddling in the front seat, was to drop the little girl off at the in-law's.

My in-laws were pretty excited to meet her, but not nearly as excited as their own GSD.  I'm trying to talk them into getting her brother now.

After watching the introductions and making sure they had everything they needed, we stopped for lunch at my favorite hometown Italian restaurant, Guiseppe's.

And then it was off to Atlanta, where we had some time to kill but not enough time to kill.  We stopped at a brewery to fill the void and I researched Atlanta's Mount Patrol, which was housed across the street (smartly behind an electrical fence with barbed wire).


My palate is refined enough that I enjoy nitros.  
Then it was off to the John Mayer concert.  D said it wasn't likely that he would play my high school/college favorites, but I squealed and slapped D's shoulder when "Wonderland" and "Neon" started.  I don't even really like music, but it was awesome.

We were hungry afterwards, but getting back to the hotel took forever.  Wife stepped up to the plate and called a pizza place four minutes before they closed to ask very kindly if they would deliver two pies to us.  They did and I showered them with thanks (and money).

This was really weird - behind the first curtain was the shower and behind the second was the toilet.

The next morning we slept in before packing everything up.  We'd only planned a night in Atlanta.  D heard about a breakfast place called Flying Biscuit Cafe.  The wait was forever, but food, oh my god, the food.  We ordered a little bit of everything and just gorged ourselves.

I thought I hated all of Atlanta and then we discovered Midtown.  <3

After breakfast, I spent too much money at my favorite why-the-fuck-isn't-this-in-Savannah store:  Ikea.  Planters and frames and dog food containers (repurposed recycle bins).  Then we wandered at Ponce City Market, which looks like the Highline in NYC, but doesn't have any of the cool niche sellers.  And after that, it was off to Athens.

We stopped off at a grocery store to get munchies and found nine cases of my favorite beer.  It's been discontinued, and that was nine more cases than I've seen in the last six months.  Then checking in and naps before going to our favorite Athens restaurant, the Trappeze Pub.  They make a vegetarian reuben and it is to die for.

The next morning had us up early - breakfast at Mama's Boy (another Athens favorite) before the hubs dropped me off for the UGA Horse Owner's Seminar.  I'm not going to go into details about that, but I did win an adorable saddle pad through silent auction.  I'll write the lectures up and post them every week or so - only six.

Goat cheese and spinach.

He picked me up at five (when I was perfectly burnt out on surrounding myself with other crazy horsewomen) and we headed off to our favorite brewery, Terrapin.  Then off to a place called White Tiger Gourmet, that was featured on some travel show at some point, and had the epitome of Athens charm, with the bathroom around back (this happens a lot, I think).  I had a BBQ tofu sandwich and inhaled both pimento cheese and macaroni sides.  It was phenomenal.  I don't remember talking or breathing while shoving food into my face.

A shower and a nap later, we ran to a little cinnamon roll shop before calling it a night.  Early up the next morning, we were headed back home.

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  1. I miss Flying Biscuit so muchhhhhhhh. This midwestern thing is not working out for me, food-wise. I want RJ Rockers beer, pimento cheese, Chicken Salad Chick, Flying Biscuit, REAL cheese grits... On a less appetite-inclined note, I'm excited to hear more about the lectures!

  2. I always love the write-ups of your adventures. It is your blog that initially got me writing about other subjects beyond horses. This food porn made me drool!!! OMG everything looked amazing. And I love John Mayer. And the creaminess of nitro beers. Have you tried beer floats? We use Left Hand Brewing's Nitro milk stout and add vanilla ice cream...best. thing. everrrrr...

  3. SO MUCH YUM. John Mayer is also yum. God I love that man and his music.

  4. Excited to hear about the lectures!

  5. Dude you guys always have THE BEST FOOD when you travel!!! These posts make me so hungry!