All-Around Awesome.

(I started writing this like... two weeks ago?  Maybe three?)
  • I'll continue the UGA HOS posts ASAP - I've been reaching out to some of the vets to see if I can get copies of their presentations.  I'm not getting great responses.. it's like school started or something.  So I'll probably make due with the materials I have.
  • I have a couple planned posts, namely tack changes I've made for the Whisk and management changes for Archie.  And the dogs' lives currently.  And some DIY oh-shits I've done.
  • But who cares about all that?  Lemme brag about Whiskey yesterday a few Sundays ago...
Yesterday Whatever day this was started out raining and disgusting.  I have a standing ride with my barn buddies at 8:30 every Sunday morning (my church is outdoors and my God is the Horse and I'll spend the rest of my life learning to serve this creature better), rain or shine.  We opted to ride around the facility rather than trailer out, just in case the skies opened above us.  I knew that the ground was going to be super soggy, so I opted to take Whiskey on the trail instead of Archie.  

Given all the recent rain, the trail we took was disgusting.  The footing was shit and horses were sinking and it ratcheted up my anxiety.  But, guys, my motherfucking horse was foot-perfect.  Here's a clip from my leg that I didn't even realize I was filming.  We definitely got over his water aversion.

After that little adventure, we decided to do some jumping.  I had some small qualifiers before I headed Whiskey towards a fence:  can we canter?  can we steer?  can we sit the forward momentum caused by him slamming on the brakes at the base of a fence?  We have all that, with the added bonus of both a person to lead over the itty-bitty crossrail and a person to film!

If you watch after the fence, you can tell that he swaps behind.  I'm thinking (hoping) this more indicative of muscle weakness than a skeletal issue.  I see some cavalettis in his future (if you suggest hills, I'll bury you in our marsh sand).

For those who don't like videos:

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  1. He looks very chill about the whole business!

  2. I love how quiet you ride him, that's exactly what he needs. And whoo hoo for him being good on the trail!

  3. He is just the cutest. You've done such a great job with him that's for sure.

  4. He's like this huge version of the cutest first pony EVER. Love him