Going for the Big Guns.

My husband and I reached a decision during our recent Hurricane-Irma-May-Be-Coming-To-Kill-Us adventure.  And that decision was that, at this point in my equestrian life and being financially secure with amazing credit (worked hard to get there, goddammit, so I can brag), I need my own rig.

I know jackshit about trucks and trailers, so I consulted just about everyone I know who hauls their own ponies.  Namely, the ladies at my barn and Hillary.

Ads poured in from my friends and I took to my own hunting.  Initially, my thought was that I could just get a trailer and borrow/rent a truck.  Somehow, though, I got it in my mind that I might as well get both.  Immediately.  Because there's another motherfucking hurricane headed this way.

So who cares about the tedium of shopping, here's the shit I bought:

2001 2003* Ford F-250 Superduty Crew Cab
168k miles, a fucked paint job, ripped leather, and a decent dent above the back right panel.  
But her insides are good and I love her.  
Possible Names:  Betsy, Bertha, Brunhilda, Big Big

*the guy had her advertised as a 2001, but the title says 2003

She's a Monet - don't look too closely.

Baby's first bath.

2014 Adam's Overniter, Customized
Two horse, straight load, bumper pull, stock sides, steel, no frill.
Possible Names:  Bitsy, Baby Turd

Yes, the cost to fill up is just as painful as you imaged.

Feeling legit as fuck.
Previous owner had this thing built and paid extra for some features I now get to appreciate.

We drove down to Jacksonville yesterday to get the trailer, so we've successfully driven the truck a few hundred miles and pulled the trailer about 150-ish.  Ox's owner gave me a briefing on attaching the trailer yesterday morning.  Easy peasy.

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  1. There is nothing like having your own truck and trailer. It makes life so much easier. You did well. :) Congratulations.

  2. yasssssss! i love it - congrats! :D

  3. Congrats! Having a rig is life-changing.

  4. YASSSSSS appropriately sized tow vehicle! Love it! Good decisions all the way around it looks like.

  5. That is one big ass truck for that trailer. You're not even going to know that baby's back there. Congrats on being mobile!!!

    1. The guy I bought the truck from cried a little when he found out I was going to be hauling a ten foot trailer. He used it for a camper and a giant boat. I can always get a bigger trailer!

  6. Congrats on your new rig. D is filling up like a boss, and yeah, you do wanna cry a little bit for your wallet afterward.

  7. Congrats! It's so fun to finally have your own, although the gas thing is such a kick in the gut. I have had the pump stop at $100 and then I had to redo my credit card to finish filling the damn thing. Gas is a bit cheaper now and I try not to get to empty, but it still makes me cringe every time.

  8. Yyeeeesssss! Congratulations! I love Brunhilda 😂😂😂

  9. I think it's a great idea that you bought a bigger truck. Trailers hold their value pretty well, so you can always move up. Because, lets face it, the more ponies, the better.

  10. Haha I am currently on the hunt for a truck myself... so I have definite truck envy- I'm also hoping to get something in the 250/2500 range and don't give a damn if it's not cosmetically pleasing to the eye. Also, our trailers are essentially twins, so I am forbidding you from calling yours a baby turd! Mostly because I will never be able to look at mine the same way again. XD

  11. Congratulations! Our F250 hauled my even smaller than yours 2 horse bumper pull, trailer houses, firewood. You name it, Big Bertha pulled it. Our BB treated us well, but we traded her in. Husband misses ol B.B., especially now that he can't haul the ginormous loads.