Legit AF.

I'm not telling you dates, because to cement my plans on this blog also seems to curse them into non-existence, but there are things on the horizon for the giant #SpottedDick.

Because of those things, I'm looking at registrations that I've never previously had to consider, because I've never been this fucking legit.

  • USDF Annual Membership ($90)
  • USEF Annual Membership ($80)
  • USDF Horse ID ($35-115)
And since I know Whiskey is at least part Appaloosa, I'm planning on registering him with the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC), and I'm trying desperately hard to register him as Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, or some close relation.  That was another can of worms, because it requires my registration as well.

  • ApHC Annual Membership ($60)
  • Lifetime Hardship Registration ($125)
But all this wouldn't be complete if I didn't also figure out what Whiskey is.  So there's another $99 tossed out for DNA testing, with a special request that they also tell me if he has vitiligo.  (This will be a contest... prolly posted next week.)

So how do y'all normally handle these registrations?  Immediately in January, so you get the most bang for your buck?  Or staggered in preparation for the season to start?  And is there anything I'm missing, any tips or tricks?

This post wouldn't be complete without the big guy looking legit AF. Many thanks to Britt for photographing during her visit! (yeah, i'll blog about it)

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  1. I love the name WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot. Best.name.ever.

  2. Love the photo..and WTF would be awesome name. Whiskey Tequila ... F something if you have to have a second.

  3. Love that picture. I hope you get WTF through for the name.

  4. I usually do mine all in March because it's the only time of the year there's a little bit of excess money floating around. Because of my new saddle that we're going to finish paying off then, instead I've been sending each membership in every time there's enough money there to sneak away. Is your USDF membership the PM membership or a GMO?

  5. ooooh very exciting! Whiskey is such a cool horse - i look forward to seeing what you two are getting up to!

  6. Haha the one time I was on the ball and got all my memberships in January... yeah totes jinxed myself. Better luck to you!

  7. After tax return, the one year i bothered.

  8. Please please please... if WTF doesn't work out then use Spotted Dick as his name?!?!?! LOL

  9. I normally renew right before my first show because... I don't want to jinx myself? But this year I did my USEF/USHJA right away to get new pony transferred to my name.