$100 Derp.

Okay, a few months ago, I found a company that offered all this invasive information about equine DNA for $99.  They confirmed that Big G was a TWH.  So when I wanted to find out what Whiskey is, I went with this company because it would also tell me so much more..

Well, fuck me, they don't tell breeds.

So now I've got all this great information about my pony and it still doesn't answer the question about wtf he is.  Which leads me to the other company, Texas A&M, which will break it down to the top three breeds that he could be.  The problem with this company, however, is that they don't include Appaloosa.  If Whiskey is 100% Appy, it's still going to break down the breeds that went into making the Appaloosa.

Also some North American breeds are not on the list, - example: Appaloosa, American Paint horse, because registries are open or partially open and allow crossbreeding. 

As far as the contest goes, I'm still going to draw a winner, only it won't be based solely on the answer you provided.  And once I get a response from Texas (unless anyone has another company they recommend?), I'll still share whatever is in the guy's genetic makeup.

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  1. That sounds incredibly frustrating to say the least. When will you hear back from Texas A and M?

  2. Wait, how did they tell you it was a TWH if they don't tell breeds?!?

  3. That is 100% something I would have done. But what on earth do they tell you if they don't do breeds?

  4. I did the Texas A&M for the two Mustangs. They admit that it's not very inaccurate because of the inter relationship of the breeds, but it was still interesting to do.

  5. They don't include apps and paints? Well that makes sense...