That Time I Barfed.

I'm not a barfer.  I don't have a strong stomach (motion sickness, you my friend), but I'm pretty good at not tossing my biscuits.  In neither pregnancy have I vommed as a result of the pregnancy, though there was one time that I had to pause while riding Archie to dry heave over his shoulder.

And then I got the flu.

Lemme just say, it's great to be hungry again.

I'd hope to accomplish more over the past weekend, but that didn't happen.  A lot of stuff didn't happen.  I didn't debut Whiskey at our first rated show.  I didn't find a new saddle that magically made him stop acting like a douchebag.  I didn't do much other than toss and turn and slip liquids for about three days.

Before getting sick (like, hours before), I tried a local Albion SLK Ultima.  I loved it.  My trainer thought it was a smidge too narrow and gusseted.  So now, at her recommendation, I'm reaching out to Trumbull Mountain to get their recommendations on what'll better fit the Spotted Dick.

I did have time (last night, en route to my first real meal in days) to draw a winner for the WTF contest.

I'm bummed that I didn't find out the information I wanted, but I am pulling hair (hopefully tonight?) for Texas A&M.  I did find out a random fact about the Whiskers that has me scratching my head about his breeding, so now I'm even more interested to see what they say.

I can't be this big already.  It's the angle I used to make my double-chin disappear.  Promise.

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  1. Look how adorable you look with your bump!

  2. Sorry to hear you were sick, but glad you are feeling better! You are rocking that bump, fo sho!

    I will message you on Facebook. Trumbull Mountain is a great resource, but should you decide that you want someone to fit him in person, one of my friends is a saddle fitter in South Carolina and I'm 99% certain that she'd travel to you.

  3. I forgot everything you wrote prior to the BUMP picture! You look so great & happy! Sorry about the barfing....sick of any kind + pregnancy is so God awful. Also, good for thought...your hips and body may change quite a bit between now and when you get back to (your new) normal post partum. What fits you now saddle wise, especially twist wise may be different after birth.

  4. You look awesome!! yahoo growing baby! <3

    I was a major puker all three pregnancies it sucked.

  5. The flu while pregnant sounds terrible. I felt sick with both mine!