You Trifling

So this issue with Whiskey's refusal and panic regarding the right lead canter has been going on since day one (that I actually asked for the canter).  You might wonder why an issue wasn't noticed before then, during the PPE.  Well.... dude wasn't sore.

I thought for a while that it might have been me, because Archie trained me well, but he was a nutter for my trainer, too.  Then I thought that maybe he was just weak.  But while he got to the point that he was willing to pick it up in the round pen, that never transferred to under saddle work (when I know that he was using himself correctly, versus willy-nilly running).

I called the vet out, got the flu, cancelled, had the vet out for an eye emergency, rescheduled, and finally got the guy seen.  I should say - this wasn't a dramatic lameness.  The only symptom that something was meh is the guy's reaction and feeling about the right lead.  He'll pick it up in front, cross behind, swap behind, and/or break behind.  So clearly something was fucked up in the hind, but not enough that my meager butt palate could notice at the trot.

My super vet did some palpations in the cross ties while I explained all the randomness with this issue, then we put Whiskey through his paces on and off the lunge line in the round pen.  My vet immediately saw "a shortening of the cranial phase" in the right hind, at a grade of 2/5.  I did not.  I had to ask because baby brain, but the cranial phase just refers to the path of the leg towards the head.

The vet then flexed each hock/stifle ("upper flexion") and Whiskey earned himself a 3+/5 on that right hind with nothing noticeable on the left.  This led us back into the barn, where Whiskey got himself a nice, relaxing cocktail and his first stifle injection.

I promised him that the tenderness and day in a stall would be worth it, because he'd feel so much better in a couple weeks.  Fingers crossed he feels good enough to give me the right lead soon.

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  1. Here's to hoping that Whiskey feels better soon. I'm sure a better fitting saddle will help, but I would like to think the stifle feeling better will help a lot too.

  2. Ouch! Hope he feels better soon!

  3. Fingers crossed the injections work their magic for the right lead :)

  4. Aww, poor drunk Whiskey! Thos stifle injections are hard to watch, but I bet he will be feeling better in no time! Also I'm a terrible person and just realized I didn't text you back!