The Blogger Who Didn't

My normal writing and reading style has been to do it in my down time at work (sorry, work), but then something struck the system and it wasn't safe to use personal credentials on a company device.  As a result of the shit hitting the fan, I went from working my normal 40 hours to trucking through 50-60 hours.  It wasn't a pleasant four weeks.

Now that things are winding down from we're-all-desperately-fucked to oh-shit-St.-Patty's-day, I'm getting off work at a reasonable time and I'm not fucking exhausted, so I aim on trying to catch up on the month's work of blog posts.  Maybe.

So, life now, as a pregnant equestrian?

When I was lucky and not exhausted, the boys got ridden both Saturday and Sunday.  I'm still taking lessons with Katy every week.  I'm probably jinxing the fuck out of myself, but she said that when Whiskey and I make our rated debut post-baby, we're skipping straight to First Level.  I wish I had more documentation, but she said that my smart pasture pony has the movement of a First or Second Level horse, now that he can actually pick up the right lead.  Fingers crossed.

I made it to Saturday of this past weekend riding Whiskey myself, but officially bowed out after he started bucking in the trot to canter transitions (okay, so submission needs work!).  Katy put the Spotted Dickhead through his paces on Sunday and she'll continue to do so for as long as I can hitch a trailer (maybe longer if I can convince her to come to me).

I'm still trail riding Archie, but the concern now is less about my safety on my rock-solid, ancient trail pony and more about crossing that 20% weight guideline.  He willingly waits for me to mount and dismount at the picnic table.  He doesn't seem uncomfortable with my change in balance or my weight, but I'm keen on keeping the old man functioning f o r e v e r.

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  1. I can empathize so much with your work situation - I'm glad things are getting better!

  2. Why can't we all just be independently wealthy?!

  3. I'm glad things at work are slowing down so you can enjoy more time with ponies (and relaxing)! Also - so exciting about 1st level! :)