14 June 2018

As most everyone has seen on facebook and Instagram, I gave birth to my daughter, Johanna, on June 14th.

I want to give all the details and I will eventually share her birth story.  It's a doozy.  But with consideration for the other issues in my life, I want to keep her sacred and safe and untainted by that bullshit for just a moment longer. 

For that same reason, I don't really have any photos or details to share.  I can tell you that she's the absolute best baby in the world, that my (ex-ish)husband and I created a tiny goddess who already exceeds everything he or I were otherwise able to achieve, and that I would take bullets for this little girl.  I loved her from the first moment I knew her inside me and that love only grows every day.  She's drastically changed who I was as a person in the best way possible.  And I'm excited to be the one who helps her grow and develop into a functional human being.  It's an honor.

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