14 June 2018

As most everyone has seen on facebook and Instagram, I gave birth to my daughter, Johanna, on June 14th.

I want to give all the details and I will eventually share her birth story.  It's a doozy.  But with consideration for the other issues in my life, I want to keep her sacred and safe and untainted by that bullshit for just a moment longer. 

For that same reason, I don't really have any photos or details to share.  I can tell you that she's the absolute best baby in the world, that my (ex-ish)husband and I created a tiny goddess who already exceeds everything he or I were otherwise able to achieve, and that I would take bullets for this little girl.  I loved her from the first moment I knew her inside me and that love only grows every day.  She's drastically changed who I was as a person in the best way possible.  And I'm excited to be the one who helps her grow and develop into a functional human being.  It's an honor.

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  1. I'm really happy for you beka!! Congrats

  2. Congratulations again. So happy she has brought so much joy and light into your life. <3

  3. Hi Guys
    I have published the full schedule of events for the World Equestrian Games in Tryon starting next week.
    I have also included a few links where you can get all the TV times in the UK and USA, as well as a few websites that will be streaming most of the events.
    So it’s pretty much all you’ll need to keep up with the action. I hope that helps ease some of the FOMO
    Here is the link, it’s yours to use as you please

  4. Hey Guys
    Eventing results from WEG 2018
    Here are the top 20 individual standings, and the top 10 team standings, after the cross country at WEG yesterday
    Please drop me a mail if you’re not enjoying these comments, I really don’t want to make a nuisance of myself  clearround365@gmail.com