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Baby Shower #1

My barn ladies, my little saviors and support team, threw me a baby shower a few weeks ago.  I was really fortunate that a group of my friends were able to come and it ended up being a great little party.  A bunch of equestrians, a bunch of non-equestrians, and a keg.  

This lady and I have been friends since our freshman year of high school.  She drove five hours with an 18-month-old to celebrate with me.  <3 td="">

One of my besties from my hometown.  She's amazing and hilarious and so incredibly supportive.

This chick is about four weeks behind me and should really be modeling that amazing preggo body.

My unicorn cake!

Johanna's first pony.  <3 td="">

The preggo friend from above made this for Johanna.  It's inscribed on the back with her name and who made it and the location.  I hung it up with one of Archie's old aluminum shoes. 

One Year Anniversary

I'd debated on this with Whiskey - do I celebrate the date or the holiday?  I acquired him on Mother's Day, 2017.  And I think, with our story, it's infinitely more symbolic that I made it official on Mother's Day, rather than 5.14, because of the importance he had in my loss-recovery.  So the day after my baby shower, I went out to the barn and split a beer between the boys and took some photos of them.  Sure, it wasn't Archie's day, but I failed the dude this year.

The string popped when I tried to put it over his head.  So I had to hold it.

Loves me or loves carrots?

Fancy German beer.  Maybe I'll start saying he's half Knabstrupper.

The old man, because I love him.

Baby Shower #2

My coworkers got together to throw me another baby shower shortly after the first one.  I wasn't sure what to expect because of the gender-association surrounding baby showers, but I was immensely pleased to see most of my coworkers were able to come.  In preparation for the party, which was at a Mexican restaurant I'd recently discovered, I made a liquor and chocolate thank-you bouquet.  I still plan on sending out thank you cards*.

I tried to crop out everyone else.
*I sent out thank-you cards to the blogger group that contributed to helping me out.  Then I realized that I didn't put enough postage on the envelops.  So if you helped (thank you!) and didn't get a card from me, please let me know!

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  1. So sweet! That unicorn cake is AMAZING. Baby Johanna has such an awesome village already!

  2. LOVE IT! Johanna is one very loved baby already <3 <3 <3

  3. aw <3 so glad you're surrounded by so many loving people, plus such excellent ponies! everyone's lookin good!!

  4. Omg all the unicorns are amazing! That baby girl is going to be surrounded by more love than she's going to know what to do with!

  5. Looks like you and Baby J have a fabulous village! I’m so glad you have great people in your life.

  6. That cake is amazing! I'm getting so excited for you!!

  7. Looks like a blast (x2) <3 What a wonderful community of humans you have :)

  8. That unicorn cake though! Love all the parties and gifts you got - and seeing the horses. Can't wait for baby to get here :)

  9. Cool enough! Mommy to be is in full frolic mood to make the best out of party with her friends. It's really a memorable time. My baby shower at one of the lovely LA event venues was also outstanding. All credit goes to my husband for such cute surprises. Ate a lot especially the lovely cup cakes and grilled snacks. My favorite candies and pies were yummy too.