I started riding when I was nine.  I took hunter/jumper lessons at the same barn for about a decade until moving to my second barn, my "home barn".  At the home barn, I was president of my (tiny) college's (tinier) equestrian team.  I stayed on at that barn after graduating college and ended up working there for about five years (I always forget, was it five years or fifty?).  I purchased Archie the summer of 2006 from my trainer.

In 2010, we moved from Augusta to Savannah.  It broke my heart to leave my home barn, but I was excited to start a new life with my new husband.  Marriage is awesome.  I moved Archie to a small, private facility that initially had two other geldings.  This facility was too small for a trainer and only had a couple of beaten-up jumps, so I drove out of town and took periodic dressage lessons at another barn on a loaner horse.  When the hubs and I bought a house across the city, I jumped at the opportunity to move Archie to the barn at which I had been dressaging.  We moved there the summer of 2013.

Non-horsie, and subsequently less interesting, things about me:  After volunteering with the Humane Society for four years, I photograph for pleasure now; I work in Information Technology but have a degree in Business Administration in Management;  I spent five years working in veterinary medicine and hope to return in some capacity one day;  I am a staunch Atheist who was raised Southern Baptist.  And, to get back to the ponies:  I own Straight Shot Metal Smashing and specialize in bridle charms and bracelets for badasses.  I love bloggers and am proud to sponsor fundraisers and events, so feel free to reach out to me.