Ox, or the Big Orange Booty, came into my life in June of 2016.  After the first ride and two easily jumped 2'6" fences, I begged his owner to let me half-lease him.  I never thought I would fall for anything that wasn't an OTTB, but this big guy has all the qualities I look for:  sass, athleticism and intelligence.

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As far as that breeding goes, Ox is a PMU-baby of questionable origin.  He was born in 2001-ish and purchased by a friend of my trail buddy's.  That friend's son took Ox to college with him as part of their equine studies, where Ox was broken Western.  As the story goes, that son was dared to jump the Big Orange Booty.  Ox was a natural and the kid was smitten, so Ox got cross-trained as a jumper.

Somewhere along the line, he ended up at my trail buddy's barn and became a fox hunter.  She sold her string when she moved, but he magically ended back with her down here.

I call him the Oxygenator because he brought life back to my riding.

When Whiskey came into my life after my miscarriage, I stopped half-leasing Ox.  I still take periodic lessons on him and occasionally am able to trail ride him.  I'm still second in line to be his owner  :)

I stopped leasing Ox in the spring of 2017, when I fell in love with Whiskey.